Sunday, July 6, 2008

Day 16: Deplastification/Joys of composting

bio bag full of compost, ready to be taken to our community garden

Did you know?
"When food (or anything organic) goes to a landfill it’s pretty quickly buried, and decomposes anaerobically, aka without air. Anaerobic decomposition turns the organic matter into a bunch of stinky stuff, and, also, into methane. Methane, when it finally escapes from the landfill, will hang out in the atmosphere as yet another greenhouse gas — a gas 21 times more effective at trapping heat (global warming) than CO2, the greenhouse gas we’re all always talking about.
In other words, uncomposted organic waste can contribute significantly to global warming."
-Conscientious Objector (L Magazine)

I have been working on finding ways to buy and use less plastic. When we started composting last year (it's easy!) I ended up using more plastic bags then ever, just to carry the compost to the garden. Something had to change... The big switch occurred earlier this year for the compost, and now for our everyday trash: bio bags! They are made of 100% corn. You can buy them in bulk and the supply will last for years. So, whenever possible, I will no longer be accepting plastic bags at stores and can sleep better at night knowing I will be adding less to the ever growing sea of trash.

Read the entire series by the Conscientious Objector for more ideas

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