Thursday, July 31, 2008

Day 41: Postcard Slideshow

postcard slide show at the Highland Museum, Truro

I attended my first postcard slideshow last night. The show was narrated by local historian and member of the Cape Cod Postcard Club, Dan Towler. He illuminated the room and our imaginations with visions of shipwrecks, whales washing ashore, presidential visits, and vivid depictions of the once booming fishing industry that vastly shaped local life on Cape Cod.

Surprisingly, until 1907 only addresses could be written on the back of postcards. So, many of Dan's treasures had beautiful script unfolding alongside, around, and on top of the image. As the slide projector hummed along, each image deepened my current understanding of this place, complicated it, and opened it wider. The postcards were eeriely familiar visions from a vastly different place and time that came before...

Learn more about Dan's mobile slideshow

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