Sunday, August 17, 2008

Day 58: A Good Sign

the good sign spotted on Flatbush

So, this isn't exactly a "sign", but more like a "bumper sticker" of sorts. But I am taking it as a really good sign that people might be thinking more inventively this election year. This homemade sticker (and its upside down 8) is the most creative response to a presidential candidate that I have ever seen. I mean, someone took the time to MAKE this instead of BUYing a ready-made. I would like to imagine that people are having fun- and not following the regularly prescribed rules this year. I have been a little freaked about how little media seems to be circulating about the impending election, but when I see gestures like this it feels like a signal that people are just doing it different this year- and that is the best sign there could be.

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