Friday, August 29, 2008

Day 71: A new kind of shelter

The shelters that I spoke of on Day 45 have materialized. Not into atomic fallout shelters, but into 10 "shelters of exposure". This is one way that we are describing the "pedagogical design" of EMS in relation to the work of artist Chris Drury (in an essay that we are about to finish writing). The piece should be available later this month- these diagrams will illustrate the concept.

The caption for the diagrams reads:
This set of ten drawings offer ten visual metaphors for imaging the concept of "shelter of exposure." Each diagram consists of a square and two lines. These elements are designed to afford (re)configuration. Their inclination towards change creates an armature in motion—a dynamic support for materializing learning environments that create site- and context- responsive passages between exposure and shelter. The variations in shape are intended to incite imaginative application and usage- leaving open the question of how each might be put to use in order to create both shelter and exposure.

This caption doesn't really make sense until you see them in motion. Animating the shelters was my first Flash project in about 7 years. I am pretty happy with how it turned out.
See the shelters morph endlessly here.

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