Monday, September 22, 2008

Day 94: Back to the Bomb

Roy Lichtenstein Atom Burst, 1966 Modern Art Museum of Forth Worth

Two stories that ran on NPR (1 and 2) this morning hint that one of George Bush's last acts in office might be to withdrawal from the 1992 moratorium on nuclear testing. This is deeply frightening for several reasons, but what disturbs me the most is how the theatre of war, the literal fictionalization of impending annihilation, allows the few who are in power to fictionalize a reality that convinces so many. After experiencing the, "Manhattan, Past, Present and Possible Future", panel at the New Museum this past weekend, and passing through geologic time with James Benning yesterday, I am left wondering:

"What might we learn from the newly emerging genres of "fictional forecasting" that present possible scenarios for the future of human life (articles, books, films, artworks etc.)? Do these experiences shape our perceptions (and psychology) to such a degree that we will have no choice but manifest them into reality? Do the stories that threaten planetary apocalypse simply mirror what fascinates and entertains our contemporary minds, without actually taking us any closer to a connection with the natural world, which is truly at the core of our impending future? What kind of imagination, or creative act, is presently needed to invent a fictional experience that might actually help us navigate our present moment with an ability to locate ourselves, and human existence, within a much longer planetary story- that isn't all about us? Must this creative response distance itself from pop-cultural "creativity"?"


The Vespers said...

This genre came to mind immediately with your mention of "fictional forecasting"!_Make_Room!

Can you say more about this concept and how you're working with some of the ideas in relation to it?

jamie said...

Interesting, I have not heard of this book. Thanks for posting!!! I have attempted to write more about the fictional forecasting idea today (day 96), but I am just at the beginning of working through it. I am sensing it will be a primary source of inspiration over the next couple of weeks during our travels. So, hopefully I will be able to explore it in more articulate ways soon and will be working through it on this blog... thanks for asking!