Thursday, September 25, 2008

Day 97: Testing Ground

Download a PDF of project description.

One week from today we will arrive in Reno, NV for the Art + Environment conference. The conference is taking place at the Nevada Museum of Art from Oct. 2-4th. has been invited to creatively respond to the conference and will be live-blogging in collaboration with undergraduate students currently enrolled in the EMS course at the New School. We invite anyone, including you, to send comments and questions to the live blog as it unfolds. Please join and co-create with us!

Read the conference schedule and panelist bios.

The premise of the conference is this:
"Global interest in the intersections of nature and culture has broadened in recent years. In this expanding field, contemporary artists and designers have re-envisioned the concept of environment. To better understand the ideas shaping this dialogue, the Nevada Museum of Art will host creative practitioners whose works explore natural, built, and virtual environments… we hope you will join us to talk about how and why art has become just as important as science in understanding the nature of environments. We're bringing together artists, designers, writers, and scientists from around the country to discuss how they change-and are changed by-the natural, built, and virtual environments in which they work."
-from the conference site

On Oct. 5th EMS will be announcing "themes" that have emerged as a result of the conference (on the EMS blog)- as a result of the cross-contamination made possible when artists and scientists think through one another's disciplines. We will then take these themes "on the road", for 14 days following the conference as the first EMS field trip Testing Ground. We will be "testing out" how these ideas play out in the real-world (and on-site) in order to sense and “learn” what becomes possible and when art and science cross-contaminate, and how these possibilities might become useful elsewhere.

With this project, joins the Nevada Museum of Art in actively exploring the question: what urgently needed ways of knowing become possible when we think and make from the spaces between art and science, and when we use media creatively to fuse knowledge-construction with aesthetic experience?

See the mapped route of Testing Ground.
Read the site notes about the locations that we will be visiting.

We also will be filing "field-notes" on the EMS blog throughout our travels.
See our calendar for dates when new notes will be posted.
Download a "Field Note" and send signals back to us!

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