Sunday, November 9, 2008

Day 142: Color Immersion

the edited results of my process, 3 value charts
(ultramarine blue and cadmium orange are complimentary)

"The tune of 'Good morning to you' consists of 4 tones. It can be sung in high soprano, a low basso, and in all in-between voices, as well as on many levels and in many keys. It can be played on innumerable instruments. In all possible ways of performance, this melody will keep its character and it will be recognized instantly. Why? The intervals of the 4 tones, that is, their acoustical constellation (again comparable with a topographical relationship), remains the same. Although it is not common practice, one can also speak of intervals between colors. Colors and hues are defined, as are tones in music, by wave length...In visual perception a color is almost never seen as it really is- as it physically is. This fact make color the most relative medium in art...First, it should be learned that one and the same color evokes innumerable readings..."
-Joseph Albers, Interaction of Color

Yesterday I spent 8 hours on the floor mixing colors. Although it was for class and there was a sense of "assignment" to the process, today I get to just enjoy the results. The charts bring me great joy.

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