Thursday, November 20, 2008

Day 153: Bringing down the towers

This lovely animation of a cooling tower's demolition is provided by the British Nuclear Group.

"Nuclear power is re-emerging as a concern for our times, both as a generator of energy and as part of a defence strategy. Today it seems to stand for the failed utopian promises of modernism and a fresh hope for a carbon-free future. The contradictions that lie at its core have provided a rich source of questioning for artists, scientists, ecologists and activists for many years." This is an exhibition description at Art Catalyst in London for their current show, Nuclear: art & radioactivity, New commissions by Chris Oakley and Simon Hollington & Kypros Kyprianou.

"Since 1993, Arts Catalyst has worked nationally and internationally to promote understanding and cooperation between the arts and sciences. We seek new ways to involve artists, scientists and the wider public in a discourse about science in society, its direction and impact."

If you are in the area you can also attend the Nuclear Talkaoke or the Nuclear Forum. I am inspired to hear about this exhibition, discussion and glad to have a signal that the topic is timely, and being taken up by artists in other nuclear nations.

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Anonymous said...

COOL animation.
J :)