Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Day 193: Locating the practice

image from the Great Basin National Park

For the last couple of days I have been struggling, somewhat pathetically, with writing a proposal and artist statement for a travel grant that I am applying for. I'm attempting to get funding to head west, to the Basin and Range Province to be exact. Through the process of pulling together the sites for the proposed travel I have discovered much about the playas, ancient lakes, basins and ranges that make this area - a primary reason why I hope to travel there. The image above makes the differences between the similarly named areas clear. The enormous Basin and Range Province, which extends into Mexico also encompasses most of the Great Basin and the Great Basin Desert.

"The topography of the Basin and Range is a result of crustal extension within this part of the North American Plate. The cause of this extension is as yet not fully understood, although several hypotheses have been offered. The crust here has been stretched up to 100% of its original width. In fact, the crust underneath the Basin and Range, especially under the Great Basin, is some of the thinnest in the world. Along the roughly north-south-trending faults mountains were uplifted and valleys down-dropped, producing the distinctive alternating pattern of linear mountain ranges and valleys of the Basin and Range Province." -wikipedia

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