Friday, January 23, 2009

Day 217: Looming

at least I love oatmeal

The reality of the economic downturn is becoming more pronounced. Last night I learned of a Canadian friend who got laid off from her New York architecture firm and is heading north (to move back in with her parents) in February. Another friend was fired yesterday. Last night my Japanese class for the spring was canceled due to low enrollment, which may or may not be directly economy-driven, but my former teacher wrote that low enrollment was causing some classes to be canceled. While standing in line today at the co-op the man in front of me felt open enough to share that he had been laid off from work recently and had joined the co-op as a way to "scale back". This was only his second time in the store and he looked totally dazed by the crowds of people thronging through the tiny aisles.

It is kind of a freaky time. I can vouch that work has been slow and is getting slower in the local freelance world. My primary client from 2008 has had "budgets dramatically cut". With spring (as in, next week) arriving a big question mark is starting to loom somewhat darkly on the horizon- just how time will be filled and means will be met appears to be a bit of an unknown. A couple of weeks ago the Times ran a great article about healthy foods for under $1. It's resonating newly in my world today, so I'll pass it along in case anyone else might also be feeling the pinch.

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Anonymous said...

This post is particularly intense, maybe because my friends and I are all somewhat cushioned by graduate school right now and aren't yet in danger of being laid off. Knowing your friends (and one or two of mine) are losing their jobs, however, is quite sobering. Thanks for sharing the link; I have one as well:

I think you're probably pretty amazing at budgeting, but I'm not. This site imports all your financial information (securely) and then helps you quickly itemize the last three months of spending. It then gives suggestions about what and how much to scale back/cut to make your monthly spending goals. It's been helpful.