Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day 235: Changing light

a still from the official website for the film (watch the trailer here)

We saw Silent Light at the Film Forum on Sunday. In fear of ruining the amazing experience that it is to walk into this film knowing so little of what it is about and be so surprised, I won't describe the narrative in detail. What I can say, is that the film has a director and actors that are vividly clear. For this reasons alone the film would captivating. But each shot is so well composed and the narrative so continuously unfolding, that the work exceeds far beyond the title of a "good movie". It is another kind of experience. Crystalline sound. Brilliant color. It moves at the pace of life taken in. The story teems with the complexities of love and reaches beyond grounded reality just enough to profoundly illuminate the magic gift that simply being alive is.

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