Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day 251: Expanding the coverage

from the Green Inc. blog in the Times online yesterday

Over the course of the last couple of months I've put out the complaint that there should be a new section added to the Times (and other large media outlets) that would cover topics addressing the environment (see Day 224 and Day 189). Yesterday the Times blog, Green Inc., the closest source the Times has to providing this kind of coverage, announced that it could now be found under the bold headline "Energy and Environment" right off the main section of the paper---- nested within the Business section. The blog states its purpose as, "aim[ing] to position itself at that vital and often contentious place where business, politics and the environment meet." And although this isn't exactly what I have been imagining, it does seems like a move in the right direction. Perhaps as the year unfolds and events regarding the environment continue to occur, the topic can creep out of being buried in the Business section and get its overdue spot on the homepage. Maybe around that same time the environment might also be seen as a section in its own right and be liberated from its economic context in order to be "fit to print".

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