Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Day 256: Art for an earth to come

Mountain Devil Lizard, Kathleen Petyarre, from Australian Art and Prints

"Art is the process of making sensations live, of giving an autonomous life to expressive qualities and material forms and through them affecting and being affected by life in its other modalities...But art is not simply the expression of an animal past, a prehistorical allegiance with the evolutionary forces that make one; it is not a memorialization, the celebration of a shared past, but above all the transformation of the materials from the past into resources for the future, the sensations unavailable now but to be unleashed in the future on a people ready to perceive and be affected by them.

Cezanne yearns for a future in which the solidity of objects and forces can be felt, sensed, real; Bacon yearns for a future in which reality directly impacts the nervous system, where forces are liberated from their artistic boundaries; Papunya and Utopia artists year for peoples, Aboriginal and white, reconnected to their lands, no longer only through animals but through what the West has to offer them, through planes and cars, through Europe, as a world people, as custodians of a world-Dreaming. In making sensations live, each evokes a people and an earth to come, each summons up and pays homage to imperceptible cosmic forces, each participates in the (political) overcoming of the present and helps bring a new, rich, and resonating future into being."
- Elizabeth Grosz, chaos, territory, art: deleuze and the framing of the earth

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