Sunday, March 8, 2009

Day 261: Birthday without Objects

design inspirted by the Italian architecture group Superstudio

Continuing a recent theme around geology, we "climbed" to the Top of the Rock yesterday. The expedition was part of a "Birthday Without Objects" celebration for Elizabeth. Standing on the ground before 30 Rockefeller Plaza, we were swept up by the monumental gesture that Rockefeller Center materializes by simply existing. I had never taken the time to just look at this building, let alone go inside and discover the incredible history that it entails. From the heights of the 70th floor we saw the city anew, felt like tourists in our own backyard and were mesmerized by the timeless grace of Art Deco design. From the Rainbow Room we took in the breathtaking views of this most amazing city passing from day into night. The experience was pure joy.

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