Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day 268: Gift of ideas

Peter Singer in Examined Life

Last night I was bestowed the gift of ideas from eight philosophers in a film called Examined Life. Ideas that otherwise could have taken the form of thousands of impenetrable pages of text became captivating mini-lessons of thought in motion, juxtaposition, spoken out and through the streets. In eight, ten minute segments, each philosopher offered unfolding entry ways to the critical and crucial ideas that shape the world we inhabit: ecology, meaning, love, ethics, revolution, democracy, globalization, social relation and matters of conscience. The philosophers were humans in the world, riding in cars, visiting junkyards, moving through airports, strolling through parks and city streets. The form of delivery freed up the potentially esoteric content to be experienced as personal acts of imagination and communication. Each segment an active, relational practice exploring and questioning the ongoing process of becoming human.

Experience Examined Life.

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