Monday, March 23, 2009

Day 276: 1000 polaroids

image of installation from David Zwirner Gallery

Without planning on it, I stumbled upon Philip-Lorca diCorcia's show at David Zwirner last week. I was completely taken by the piece, the installation, and each each of these one thousand polaroids.

"One of the most influential photographers working today, diCorcia is known for creating images that balance precariously between documentary and staged photography, fact and fiction. Cumulatively, these 1,000 Polaroids, which are considered one complete work, offer a distinctive vantage point into the artist’s sensibility and visual preoccupations. At David Zwirner, the Polaroids are displayed at eye-level on a long thin aluminum railing attached to the gallery’s main walls, continuing into additional interior, spiral-like spaces built for this installation. The sequencing of the images reveals a deeply personal associative logic and artistic narrative that encapsulates the barrage of information and experiences encountered over the course of a lifetime.

Seen alongside Polaroids from some of diCorcia’s most recognized bodies of work and distinctive series – Hustlers, Streetwork, Heads, Lucky Thirteen – are intimate scenes with friends, family members, and lovers; self portraits; double-exposures; test shots from commercial and fashion shoots; the ordinary places of everyday life, such as airport lounges, street corners, bedrooms; and still life portraits of common objects, including clocks and lamps."
from the press release of the show at David Zwirner

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