Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Day 291: A little bit greener

my dad, photo by Jan Kruse

Today is election day in Urbana, IL. Urbana isn't my hometown, but it is where my parents have lived for the last several years. It is also where my father Durl is running for mayor on the Green Party ticket. I couldn't be more proud! My parents have learned, far too well over the last several months, there is a long way to go before average citizens realize there is a third, quite viable, option available beyond the standard two parties. This reality hasn't seemed to damper Durl's energy or commitment to the ongoing project that is democracy. That said, it has been a long and intense process of campaiging - politics can be dirty!

I hope today's voter turn out rises up to meet the energy extended by him, and all the other Greens, that all the hard work, dedication, and energy expended to get to this day can be celebrated and recognized by many. I know I will be pausing to acknowledge his incredibly brave and creative actions from New York today and look forward to planning my parents month long summer retreat in the Park Slope tomorrow.

Happy Election Day to all!

Learn more about the national Greens here.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah! Vote GREEN for a Change...
LOVE ***** from Urbana