Monday, May 11, 2009

Day 325: Alteration

Jim Sanborn, Topographic Projection, Shiprock, New Mexico, 1995, dye transfer print, 31" x 37"

We'll be visiting the Altered Landscape archive at the Nevada Museum of Art in just a couple of weeks.

"The Altered Landscape is the NMA's largest and newest focus collection and features nearly 600 pieces of contemporary landscape photographs. The collection traces the 1970s New Topographics tradition through its derivations over the past four decades. Much of The Altered Landscape imagery focuses on topography of the new West, including nuclear and military landscapes, mining sites, housing developments, dams, and desert trails. Over 50 artists are represented in the collection including large bodies of work by Robert Adams, Mark Klett, John Pfahl, Frank Gohlke, Peter Goin, Richard Misrach, Patrick Nagatani, Terry Evans, Sharon Stewart, Wanda Hammerbeck, and Robert Dawson." -visit the site

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