Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day 365: The Grand Finale

into the Venice Beach Sunset and LA's odd natural world

It seems fitting to abruptly end an epic project in LA. It is been an amazing process, 365 days of blogging to date. Certainly full of ups and downs, and as a result there now is an entire year of my life and/or thoughts falling below this post. Not sure if this is actually worth celebrating or not, but regardless, the project is complete. Life goes on elsewhere. Thanks for reading and keep in touch.

The fabulous Drew Anastasia will be picking up year two of 365 - check out his artful ways and days here.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe it's been 365 days. A fine warehouse of nostalgia. Days 39-43 were particularly good. I've often returned to your postings if I was feeling unmoored from friends and family, to learn and try out new things or to follow the smudgers on their adventures. Your blog has been a looked-forward-to part of my daily routine. I'm sad it's turning over to something else, but am equally looking forward to that project's genesis (already in progress).

Jan said...

Missing 365 Blog...... Thanks for a year of interesting adventures and information.


Alexandra said...

hey when's the next year starting?

jamie said...

Hi Alexandra,
The project was just one year, 365 days long, so it is complete. Thanks for reading and enjoy the archive!