Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Day 5: BC's Climate Action Dividend

BC coast kelp, 2001

While stuck in NYC traffic yesterday I learned about the $100 Climate Action Dividend. $100 is being given to the residents of British Columbia, by the government, to make their homes/lives more energy efficient!!! I lived in BC for two years and yes, Canadians are ahead of the US in just about every kind of global awareness, but BC continues to be the active the leader...
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Here are some carbon saving ideas that could be put to use south of the border with our nation's less globally minded counterpart , the $600 tax stimulus.


krisztina said...

Hey Jamie,

Great new blog!

I have to disagree with you on the climate change refund being progressive though. Instead of the government taking a strong leadership stance on climate change - creating and enforcing pollution standards, putting enough money into public transit systems, taking a stance against TILMA and other cross-provincial trade agreements that work to enable the swifter movement of goods - in particular oil from Alberta's Tar Sands - cross borders, the BC Liberals pass the buck on to the individual.

While I think we all need to make changes in our habits, yes, what we need more is for the multinational corporations to be forced to change their habits, by governments. Which would be much more effective than $100 per citizen. A lot of people here are pretty outraged about this.

There are some alternatives posted on the tyee website. Also, not sure if you know, but we're the first place in NA to put a "carbon tax" on gas. 2.5 cents I think. We're already at $1.50 a litre. So the Liberals are trying to spin the new tax as "revenue neutral" by giving us each $100.

jamie said...

interesting, and more complicated than I imagined. thanks for the link and info about the tax. The idea of the government even acknowledging climate change is just so totally unimaginable here. Our recent tax "stimulus" is intended to encourage everyone to consume MORE. I think in the states people who want change really feel like it IS up to the individual to do things differently/responsibly as much as they can since we can't trust our government to look out for us. Sounds like such a different mentality than in canada. It is as though we don't even expect it anymore after so much disappointment. When I heard about the BC dividend I got excited and missed being htere...