Thursday, June 26, 2008

Day 6: Moving in Accord

Bingham Copper Pit, May 2007

"We found that moving accordingly is not about moving passively or agreeably. Accord may entail disjuncture, moving obliquely, indirectly. At times moving in accord might mean modulating movement in ways that create more possibilities for variation. Moving in accord acknowledges the presence of end games and takes part in the shaping of new trajectories. Moving in accord embraces the uncertainty and unknowability of solutions. Not seeking to fix, it seeks to inflect a new direction, to catalyze a way out of habitual sameness." - Jamie Kruse and Elizabeth Ellsworth

Becoming Human|Artist: Humans Moving in Accord with the Change that Makes the World Published! (it's a first!!)
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19 of the "Limit Case" postcards published in Polar Inertia, Aug. 2008

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