Monday, June 23, 2008

Day 3, Caroline Bergvall

image from Eclat

Eclat, Caroline Bergvall, 56 pages
The product of a year-long collaboration between Bergvall and the designer Marit Muenzberg. Visit site of publisher to read entire piece.

"Caroline Bergvall was born in 1962 of French-Norwegian nationalities and has been based in England since 1989. She is widely published and her text pieces and collaborations have been produced internationally. Her work plays around with perception through language games, sexual ecstasies, multilingual speech, sited texts and ephemeral gestures." - Salt Publishing

My favorite Fig (check out Fig 8 if you can).
FIG is the second installment of Goan Atom and continues its exploration of poetic practice registered through physical uptake. Delighting in the corporeal use of language, these pieces explore the surface tensions of our encounters with the processes of recognition. Each piece has previously been initiated as part of a performance work or collaborative installation and short prefatory notes reflect on these different writing practices. - Salt Publishing

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