Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Day 12: Japan, New Jersey

mop head, mitsuwa market place

"Located on the west side of the Hudson River, Mitsuwa Marketplace, New Jersey store at Edgewater is the largest of all Mitsuwa stores. Once inside the shopping center, you think you are transported to Tokyo! This Japanese superstore will bring you to the heart of Japan when you see our vast selection of Japanese grocery, succulent sahimi & sushi, premium sake to scrumptious Japanese cuisines in the Restaurant Row. In specialty stores located just adjacent to the supermarket, you will find books, cosmetics, Japan-Pop household items, beauty parlor and other convenient services. You are sure to be pleased by a spectacular view of the Hudson River and Manhattan skyline from the comfortable seating area of Restaurant Row." - Mitsuwa Marketplace website

Yup, I took the bus to Jersey on Monday and found myself in Japan again.
You can too: Mitsuwa Marketplace

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