Monday, September 8, 2008

Day 80: Postcard from Canada

postcard from 1442 Haultain, Victoria, BC

"The Ministry of Casual Living is a registered non-profit society and a member of the Pacific Association of Artist-Run Centres, exhibiting the works of contemporary emerging and mid-career artists since 2002. Established to provide artists from all disciplines with an accessible venue for experimentation, the MoCL is committed to promoting critical, self-reflective discourse, and integrating the artistic process into all aspects of everyday life. The MoCL is supported by its members, the artists that exhibit in the space, and its board of directors. The gallery is curated and managed by a practicing artist, who is elected by the board and holds an intensive artist-in-residence position that rotates annually. The MoCL encourages proposals for any project or exhibition that operates outside of a conventional gallery format but still requires the support of a central organizational structure."
From the Ministry of Casual Living site

I got a postcard in the mail last week from Stephen, co-founder of the Ministry. He was back visiting the area and discovered that the Ministry is not only surviving, but thriving. Victoria, BC was in dire need of an artist-run center in 2002 and Stephen, with David Gifford, (both were MFA graduate students at the University of Victoria at the time) started the artist-run centre as a local experiment. It is great to see that it lives on so many years later and continues to serve the community there. It is an inspiring practice to start something new, and needed, where nothing once was (and a lot of work) and even more so to see the people who were so deeply invested step away and allow new people to take it up.

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