Sunday, November 2, 2008

Day 135: The veil is thin

So, I almost missed it, but this is the last day of Wheel of the Year, which means we are half way between fall equinox and winter solstice. Starting on October 31st, through November 6th, several "holidays" are taking place. My friend Tanya sent me an email last night detailing them: "Halloween/Hallomas/ Samhain- The Old Celtic/Welsh New Year which means "summer's end", the Old Sumerian Feast honoring the Descent of Inanna/Astarte/ Ishtar, Feast of Morrigan/Cerridwen, who are the Goddesses of the Cauldron of life, death, transformation and rebirth, as well as All Saints Day, Aztec day of the Dead, the Hopi/Zuni Pueblo Tribes Ancestors Day & All Souls Day."

The Brooklyn Arts Council is having several events in conjunction with the "Days of the Dead":
In August 2008 BAC Folk Arts initiates a year-long project called Days of the Dead in Brooklyn (DODB). The primary goal of the project is to heighten public awareness of Brooklyn-based community and family arts practices related to mourning and remembrance. Public programs including performances, lecture-demos, and symposia will be presented at a range of venues throughout 2008-2009. Generally death and dying in the United States are ignored, denied or treated with a somber sense of privacy and isolation. But in traditional communities death is often addressed with directness and understanding because the means of mourning are readily available in various arts practices. "

I hope to attend at least one.

Also, Creative Time is invoking Queer Spirits in New Orleans with artist AA Bronson.

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