Monday, November 3, 2008

Day 136: NYC spirit

that's Perri in the pink, gliding down 4th avenue in Brooklyn

I get super emotional watching the New York City Marathon. There is something about being right next to the movement that literally brings tears to my eyes. Maybe it is a combination of seeing the streets shut down for humans, knowing that nearly 40,000 people from all over the world are running- and millions of locals are cheering them on. It's hearing the music, experiencing strangers cheering on strangers, knowing how much training goes into it and that all this motion is being propelled by each individual's own physical will. It's also the humor and the costumes that people craft. Basically, it's witnessing positive energy and perseverance stitch the neighborhoods of the city together as throngs of people run run run and run for hours and hours.

For me, the marathon really has nothing to do with time or winning. It is about the 39,992 people that run knowing they aren't going to win but choose to start, and keep running anyway. They do this for infinite reasons that are all their own. Running is such a solitary, physical and mental "sport" that it seems I can't not be greatly moved by anyone who puts themselves up to the act of running a marathon.

My friend Perri ran yesterday and I was surprised (and so happy!) to actually be able to spot her in the crowd. It has been a long haul training for this - I am thrilled that she made it!

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