Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Day 145: Mediapedia unleashed

Kit's new book cover

My friend Kit has much to celebrate in the release of his new book Mediapedia: Creative Tools and Techniques for Camera, Computer, and Beyond. This project has been several years in the making and has been a long and dedicated labor of love. I'm thrilled the big release is nearing (officially Nov. 18th), but you can buy the book off Amazon now or the book's official site. It's true that I'm a bit biased because I adore Kit (and 10s of my illustrations, drawings, and photos can be found throughout the book) and have been fortunate enough to work and collaborate with him for over 5 years. But through these shared experiences I can also vouch for his commitment to the field of media studies. Kit is genuinely excited and inspired by the content that fills this book- and it comes through in the voice, design, and projects waiting to be discovered within. The book comes from Kit's deep desire to share the tricks, tools, and creative possibilities of media making with others (regular folks) who might have otherwise shied away from such media-based projects. If you are interested in gaining or refining any of your creative skills, across a vast array of topics and media forms, this book is a vital, visually oriented "encyclopedic" resource. Kit's wildly friendly voice and style will make it easy to keep picking it up again and again.
Congrats Kit!

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