Thursday, November 13, 2008

Day 146: Full moon rising

yay cicchetti's, winter hours: 8-5 everyday except tues. and wed.

This lovely pup is one of the few mammals not in hibernation here on the Cape. We arrived in Provincetown by brilliant moonlight last night, enough to actually drive without headlights. Today we woke to a heavy grey falling-into-winter day. Commercial street is nearly empty and most of the stores have signs announcing their return next May. The hearty few year rounders can be found on side-streets and seem even more friendly than usual. The word on the street is that Ptown is really feeling the effects of the economic down turn. "November is feeling like February out here." Apparently European and Canadian tourists made the summer possible for many, but now that the economic effects are spreading globally things have really slowed down.

The cape is made of local communities that ebb and flow with the seasons. It is incredible to witness how daily life and "city" get reshaped so dramatically here. July and January are almost unrecognizable to one another. The small population that stays here year round is deeply embedded into the landscape- and to this particular place.

Apparently a small group of locals will be gathering tonight to enjoy the full-moon, ponder the long and economically challenging season arriving, and put out the request that "just enough" comes their way. Let's hope their energy gets met.

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