Saturday, November 15, 2008

Day 148: Spontaneous Union

Bev and Sue with their Rabbi (new friends in the background)

Bev and Sue flagged Liz down on Commercial Street yesterday asking her if she would help hold the canopy for their Jewish wedding. She 'couldn't say no' and soon became the official photographer for the event. Other friendly locals were pulled off the street to become part of the procession and a small but joyous celebration soon manifested inside the Human Rights store. Bev and Sue were visiting Provincetown from Minnesota for just 3 days. On their first day here they realized that they could get married and quickly set to work- a cake was purchased (with two mermaid salt shakers for the top), vows were written and a Rabbi from Hyannis Port was called in.

In a time where the rest of the country seems to be moving backwards into darker times with less and less human rights for the selected few, modern day Massachusetts, especially the tip of the cape spiral, remains a beacon of light and gleeful oasis for all. It appears that the people of Provincetown are available to stop whatever it is they are doing, come join the celebration with anyone wishing to take vows, and help usher in a new type of wedding and marriage that the rest of the country could learn a lot from.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Bev and Sue.
Looks like a day of many happy memories.
How fun that Liz was able to help capture the
We need more YESes and Fewer NOs!
Thanks for sharing.