Sunday, November 16, 2008

Day 149: Closing the circle, opening it again

December 2007 Digitial Obscura (winter solstice), Elizabeth Ellsworth

Liz has been visiting the Beech Forest pond every month for an entire year. Each time she went she created a digital obscura image, like the one above. The twelve month project concluded this past October, but due to inclement weather a proper celebration and acknowledgement was postponed until last Friday. She just placed an order for all twelve images and will be creating a small wall-sized installation in Provincetown. Seeing all twelve "months" together is a captivating swirl of change- change of light, color, shape, form, air, sky, water, season, place, and movement. The sun is often depicted as a warping orb of light, seemingly part of our own planet and can almost extend to touch the life below. Winter gives way to spring and frozen surfaces become smooth, then teem with green lilies. I look at the images recall some of their overlap life's major events (solstices, birthdays, Robert's funeral), yet many were simple celebrations of being out there, and being with the change that makes the world. A new year's project will start again this month.

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