Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Day 180: Web-exhibition

screen shot from the EMS site

Today we launch the results of a major project created throughout the Fall 2008 semester, the ART + ENVIRONMENT web-exhibition on This was a semester long project that started in October with 3 days of live-blogging from the Art + Environment conference in Reno, NV and then lead into the intensely amazing Testing Ground field trip (see Day 97). For the last couple of weeks we have been editing and gathering content for the web-exhibition and are especially excited about the contributions from staff at the Nevada Museum of Art (NMA) and The Land Arts Program of the American West. We also particularly enjoy our interview with Bill L. Fox, moderator of the conference and new director of The Center for Art + Environment opening at the Museum in January of 2009.

The Art + Environment web exhibition demarcates the new direction that we hope to be taking EMS in the coming months (and years). At this point EMS is 1.5 years old and we hope to continue staging collaborations like this- projects and exchanges that generate original content for the site, across disciplines and across institutions, while simultaneously expanding the fields of art and media. This content is available for students and teachers to use anywhere, anytime, so spread the word! We're excited, proud, and already looking forward to the next web-exhibition in the works, Artists + Environments, which will be well underway by February, 2009.

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