Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Day 186: Winter bayou

Drew warming up to the on-stage experience, photo: Liz Ellsworth

What else is there to do on a cold cold cold winter night than entertain ourselves? The Mew's open mic coffeehouse takes up the cause all winter long and last night we attended our first one. It's a cozy place packed with locals and offers a dramatic refuge from the empty silent Commercial street outside. The performers last night were an accurate sampling of P-town's eclectic style. Our beloved Drew came in with a dramatic and heart-warming save as the last singer of the evening. He took the bold move, at our table's loud request, to spontaneously serenade us all to Linda Ronstadt's Blue Bayou Acappella. Hearts were won as his dramatic range soared through the space- so much so that he was invited to stick around for one last farewell song to all. Together, with a violin player that still happened to be around and Paul, the of the MC of the night, we were sent off with Silent Night.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Let's form the Drew Bayou Fan Club.
I was there and could feel the Mews
Crowd begging for more,
Love that Drew.........J