Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Day 187: Days that the sun stood still

Brilliant Herring Cove on the 2nd day of Solstice

Happy last day of Solstice. Maybe you already know about this phenomena, but if not, here's a chance to know it for the first time while it is still underway:

"The 4 Days of Solstice:
The 12 days of Christmas may begin on December 25 but the four days of Solstice start on December 21. Each day from June to December, the Sun comes up in the East, a little further towards the South. It now stops creeping along the horizon and rises in the very same spot each day until, on Christmas Day, it starts slowly edging North-east again. Most of us, these days, hardly notice. To our ancestors, though, it was clear that the great bringer of light was waning in power and refusing to move. It needed to be sung to!"
-Johnathan Canier

Tomorrow the sun will start to move again!

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