Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day 265: Passing through

passing through pinto gneiss and yucca brevifolia (joshua tree), 10" x 8" c-print, 2008

Today marks the 100 day count-down to the end of 365. Only 100 days left! It is with a mix of intrigue and excitement that I look towards summer solstice when the circle of this project completes. My current plan has me in Los Angeles on June 21st, in the midst of a major creative research trip. From there it will be fun to decide what comes after 365 days of blogging, if anything.

In celebration of this arrival I'm posting some new work for consideration. Tomorrow marks the first wide-open day that I can spend in the new studio and I look forward to seeing what it makes possible. This moment has been arriving for quite some time! I'm putting out the intentionality that by the time June 21st rolls around life will have been greatly shaped by having access to this space, and that a creative practice, with a life offline, will be more prominent in my sphere. Here's to the next 100 days!

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