Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 266: Urban walk

from my walk to the studio today

"I like simple, practical, emotional, quiet, vigorous art. I like the simplicity of walking, the simplicity of stones...I like the idea that stones are what the world is made of...I like the sensibility without technique...I like to use the symmetry of patterns between time, places and time, between distance and time, between stones and distance, between time and stones. I choose lines and circles because they do the job...A walk expresses space and freedom and the knowledge of it can live in the imagination of anyone, and that is another space too...A walk traces the surface of the land, it follows an idea, it follows the day and the night. A road is the site of many journeys. The place of a walk is there before the walk and after it."
- Richard Long, 1980 from Overlay, Contemporary Art and The Art of Prehistory by Lucy Lippard

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