Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 300! SHIFT of energies

5th avenue today

It is a landmark day, 300 continuous days of blogging and spring is finally materializing!! In celebration, I'm going to be shaking things up here in the last two months of the 365 project. Energy is shifting in more than seasonal ways. Smudge has embarked on a new blogging/media initiative which is going to be getting more of my time, focus and energy in the coming days, weeks, months - and possibly years. More info soon - the project is officially launching next week -but in the meantime 365 is going to become more of visual arty kinda space these last 65 days. It is almost like graduation for my blogging practice. From now on I'll be saving my more elaborate posts related to art + environment for the new space and making this into more of a digital studio for the remaining days.... Enjoy the slide into summer!!!

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