Friday, May 1, 2009

Day 315: Meeting the energy

a clip from my letter

I've invited physicist and author Freeman Dyson into collaboration this summer. I am ecstatic to report that he has accepted. I'll be mailing him several postcards from my travels west this summer. It is an honor and creative inspiration to be putting my experiences in relation to his, 50 years after he stated the words,

"It is a soul-shattering silence. You hold your breath and hear absolutely nothing. No rustling of leaves in the wind, no rumbling of distant traffic, no chatter of birds or insects or children. You are alone with God in that silence. There in that white, flat silence I began to feel a slight sense of shame for what we were proposing to do. Did we really intend to invade this silence with our trucks and bulldozers and after a few years leave it a radioactive junkyard?"

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